The Lord is My Shepherd

The six, poetic verses of Psalm 23 have given hope and encouragement to countless generations. Its author, David, the King of Israel, uses a simple but powerful word picture to communicate his perspective of what it's like to experience life on journey with God.

Recently, as part of a personal Bible study, I dug into this familiar text to see what I could find. Today, I thought I would share with you what I discovered.


Season’s ending,
Heart is aching

Memories rushing,
Hope is fading

Time is short,
See it slipping

Motherhood (A Dad’s Eye View)

Motherhood is easy
From all that I can see
Yes, Motherhood is easy
If you’re a dad, like me

Most days start out slowly
Not much for her to do
At least, until she’s out of bed
Then, there are a few


One Cold Morning

Johnny wiped his hand across the frosted window and peeked outside. He could barely see the barn through the blowing snow. The winter storm that had closed school yesterday was still raging on this morning.

“I’m going to have to make this quick!” he said to himself as he slipped on his jacket.

As Johnny made his way to the barn, the snow beat against his face and the wind cut right through his clothes, sending a deep chill straight to his bones. He turned his back toward the wind and tried to walk faster.

September Mourning (Laura's story)

As I turned the corner on my way back to the classroom my eye caught a familiar face. I looked at her and she back at me with the same, “Don’t I know you?” look. With just a few questions, we figured out that Laura’s husband and my wife had worked together years ago. I was relieved to have discovered the connection.

I casually asked, “What brings you here?”, thinking that would make good conversation. She hesitated, looked away for a moment, and then back at me. “I’m the guest speaker. I’m here to share my story,” she said softly. My mind raced, trying to process the impact of what she had just said, considering where we were.

The Man

There was a Man from a far-off land
with a tender heart and a gentle hand.

And a great big house filled up with stuff
Great food and toys, always enough

He had lots of kids, and loved each one
They loved him too, thought he was fun

But as they grew, they moved away
Some near, some far, to their homes to stay

The Nest

Mother bird sits in the nest
Up in the tree, she sits to rest

The cool wind blows upon the leaves
She lays her eggs, one, two, three

With cautious care she guards each one
Until the time, the time has come.

Cracking, opening, softly cheeping
Little mouths, that need feeding

She takes flight to gather food
Daily working for her brood

Next Chapter

Well, these days most of my waking, non-working moments are being spent crafting my new children's story, Henry and the Hero Maker. Last week I shared a sneak peek of the introduction. Today, I want to tease you with a small snippet of the next chapter: 
This was it. The Hero Maker 3000. It was a real thing. Henry was excited and, honestly, feeling a little nervous. The outside of the machine was shiny, like a mirror, but not as smooth. On the front was a small glass surface that Henry figured was a touch screen. Sticking out of the top was a small round device. “I think that’s a camera,” Henry said to himself.

Below the touch screen was a rectangular opening. It looked like a drawer, but it didn’t have a handle. Henry tried pushing and prying at it but he couldn’t get it to open.