Calculated Grace

Four hundred and ninety.

That is a lot of forgiving and a lot of offenses. "Seventy times seven." Much more than Peter had expected Jesus to say. He was hoping for three, four, maybe seven times, max. Not four hundred and ninety. That's almost like unlimited, isn't it?

Yes, I believe that was Jesus' intent. Actually, as he explained later, his intent was to show that we should forgive as we are forgiven by the Father. No one would complain against the Father's unlimited grace. How glad we are that His mercies are new every morning.

But to my brother, my neighbor, my coworker, my spouse? Shouldn't there be a limit for them? How could I be expected to be so gracious and forgiving?

Because that's how grace works! 

The Father extends to us His enduring love, a patient grace. We are asked - no, expected - to share with others what He has shared with us. Like life-giving sap that must flow through the vine and the branches and leaves to give life and produce fruit, so must His life and grace (expressed as forgiveness) flow through us, not just to us.

Grace is to be received and grace is to be shared.

But grace cannot (and should not) be calculated. [Tweet that]

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