Hope and a Promise

Without hope, life is not worth living. We are left with only the moment, our present reality. And since the pleasures of the moment don’t really satisfy, we are left wanting for something that is true, true to its promises, true to what it offers, true to its ability to meet our desires, wants and needs.

This is where hope comes in. We hope that things will get better. We hope for a better day, better circumstances, better relationships, attitudes, better everything. Even when we have the blessing of really enjoying something, we quickly realize that it will not last. Everything that we experience is temporary: food, friends, health, the moment.

All is fleeting.

So, we need hope. Hope that we can receive and experience valuable things that will last. Things that fill us up that will stay.

So what does a being do that is created for lasting joy and satisfaction do in a world that is passing away?


We long for, in earnest, a saving (salvation) from this age, this age that disappoints and deceives.

Why did Jesus come? To set free an eternal people from a temporary existence.  [Tweet that]

Our hope may start as a mere wish and longing, but coupled with the truth of the revelation of Jesus the Christ, it grows into a reassuring trust of what WILL be.

Hope, is what sustains us as we live out our days in this foreign land. Hope in a coming kingdom, an eternal existence that truly satisfies,

Such is the nature of His coming. The advent of promise, a Savior and King to usher in that kingdom. From before the promise was even articulated, it was longed for, hoped for. This hope was realized (in part) in the first coming of Jesus Christ. Such was the joy shared in angel’s song that night. Hope had come. Lasting salvation of promise had arrived.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests!”

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