Truth, Lies and Your Real Identity

The Word became flesh. A new beginning for mankind. As Adam brought "original sin" (and the curse that followed), so Jesus brought "original righteousness" to all (and the blessings, forgiveness and freedom that go with it).

Following Jesus' baptism, Satan attacked His identity, as he does with us today.

He used/uses a small but powerful word... IF.  IF we can be convinced that we are not who we really are, then we will act accordingly, living a lie. Jesus - as should we - fought these lies with truth (scripture) and resisted getting immediate satisfaction at the cost of eternity.

We should be armed with the truth so that the enemy gains no foothold.

Redeemed, forgiven, valued, loved, chosen, planned, purposed, liked, cared for, desired and delighted in - this is what we are to our Father. This is the truth!

Despised, rejected, unworthy, condemned, ugly, inept, useless, expendable, guilty and loathed - what the evil one whispers (no, shouts) at us daily. These are the lies.

Resist, fight, prepare and wage battle against these falsehoods, for without our real identity (our proper being) we doomed to live a life of one defeated.

Victory is ours to receive, having been won in Jesus' life (enfleshment), death (atonement) and resurrection (acceptance).

The truth shall set you free" is the battle cry of the beloved.

The Word (Jesus), and our identity in Him, is that truth.

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