Today is all you have

My youngest daughter is always asking me what my favorites are. My favorite color, my favorite food, my favorite color (she asks that one a lot). The other day she mixed it up a little and asked me what my favorite Day was. Honestly, I was a little confused by her question. Was she asking if I preferred Monday over Tuesday? Sunday over Wednesday? I mean, Fridays are nice, but Saturdays have their own special attraction. "What do mean, honey?" I asked her. She explained that her teacher's favorite day was her birthday and she was wondering if that was the case for me too.

I thought for a moment, racing through all the possibilities. Major holidays, family celebrations, nothing was standing out to me as a clear "favorite". Then I thought about a book I am reading by Jeff Goins. It's called The In-Between, and the premise of it is that life happens in the moments in between the major events of life, and if we spend our days focused on the destinations and not the journey, we can miss out on the really good stuff.