Do I Really Need To Know?

My favorite part of a movie is the "behind the scenes". I love to know how they did that, how things are made, the story behind the story. I've always been curious that way. I was one of those kids who was taking things apart just to find out how they worked. Not surprisingly I ended up in a career (manufacturing) where I make things.

This need to know how something works has actually been a problem in a couple areas of my life. The first time I noticed it was in high school math class, Algebra 2, I think. I was doing ok until we reached the point where the teacher could not (or would not) explain the "why" of what we were doing. He said that I didn't need to know why, I just needed to memorize the formula or equation and just do it. At that point, I was done... mentally. That "need to know" part of me refused to accept that reality and I barely finished the class with a passing grade.