Next Chapter

Well, these days most of my waking, non-working moments are being spent crafting my new children's story, Henry and the Hero Maker. Last week I shared a sneak peek of the introduction. Today, I want to tease you with a small snippet of the next chapter: 
This was it. The Hero Maker 3000. It was a real thing. Henry was excited and, honestly, feeling a little nervous. The outside of the machine was shiny, like a mirror, but not as smooth. On the front was a small glass surface that Henry figured was a touch screen. Sticking out of the top was a small round device. “I think that’s a camera,” Henry said to himself.

Below the touch screen was a rectangular opening. It looked like a drawer, but it didn’t have a handle. Henry tried pushing and prying at it but he couldn’t get it to open.

I'm Bored!

There was a fine little girl, who knew not what to do.
She was lonely and bored and frustrated too.

Her dad said, “No TV!” “No computer!” said her mom. 
“Then there’s nothing to do! You’re rules are all wrong!”

She ran out the door and into the yard
She went a short way, but didn’t get far.

For she couldn’t see clearly, the sky was too bright
She covered her eyes for shade from the light

“What is that strong brightness? Oh yeah, that’s the sun.
I haven’t seen it much lately, I’ve been inside having fun.”

As her eyes opened up, she started to see
The clouds and the sky and the flowers and trees

It's time to tell a new story

The Pathways Camp Jr. Campers, Staffers and me
Last year at this time I was in the middle of doing something that I'd never done before, writing a biblically-based children's story.

Actually, I'd never written any kind of story. I'd written some blog posts and journal entries, but that was it.

Little did I know that God would use me to somehow create a fun, yet powerful story. When I shared it with the young campers at Pathways Camp, they loved it, and I knew then that The Tale of Benny Bee was just the beginning.

I've had several people ask me about how they can get a copy of The Tale of Benny Bee. It's very easy actually, just click here (pretty easy, huh?).

Well, Pathways Camp is coming up again soon and for this year I'm creating a brand new story. The theme of the camp is Superheroes, drawing connections between modern fictional heroes and the most super of heroes, Jesus Christ.

A Few Words From Dad

(a Father's Day poem)

Well, you’re my kids, and I’m your dad
It’s the best job that I've ever had
Sometimes it’s hard and often tough
It’s not easy figurin’ out this stuff

We look at life a different way
You roll your eyes at things I say
I say black and you say white
I can’t wait for the day when I am right

So on this day set apart for me
I’d like to share some thoughts, you see
A few things that I want you to know
Some important stuff. Ready?

Here goes: