I'm Bored!

There was a fine little girl, who knew not what to do.
She was lonely and bored and frustrated too.

Her dad said, “No TV!” “No computer!” said her mom. 
“Then there’s nothing to do! You’re rules are all wrong!”

She ran out the door and into the yard
She went a short way, but didn’t get far.

For she couldn’t see clearly, the sky was too bright
She covered her eyes for shade from the light

“What is that strong brightness? Oh yeah, that’s the sun.
I haven’t seen it much lately, I’ve been inside having fun.”

As her eyes opened up, she started to see
The clouds and the sky and the flowers and trees

She looked down as she wiggled her toes in the grass
She looked up to observe an airplane soar past

Her face started to brighten, but still far from a smile
“It not that bad out here, I guess I’ll stay for a while.”

She climbed up a tree and discovered a nest
With four baby birds, “Now, that is the best!”

She made up a song and sang it out loud
The birds joined right in, and made her feel proud

She swung high on a swing and pretended to fly
She was starting to feel happy but she didn’t know why

Soon joined by her friend who lived just next door
They played soccer and tag and jump rope and more

The afternoon passed, and evening came
The sun was now setting, the light started to wane

Mom called from the door, “Honey, time to come in!’
“It’s time for your shower, the playing must end!”

She climbed into bed, feeling happy and loved
She smiled at her mom, and gave her a hug

She didn’t know why, she just couldn’t say
But there was no doubt, it had been a great day

Her mood had been changed, to joy from great sorrow
She said to her Mom, “Can I be bored again... tomorrow?”

[Disclaimer: This poem is completely a work of fiction and definitely not about any member of my family. My kids are never bored and rarely discontent.  :) ]