Next Chapter

Well, these days most of my waking, non-working moments are being spent crafting my new children's story, Henry and the Hero Maker. Last week I shared a sneak peek of the introduction. Today, I want to tease you with a small snippet of the next chapter: 
This was it. The Hero Maker 3000. It was a real thing. Henry was excited and, honestly, feeling a little nervous. The outside of the machine was shiny, like a mirror, but not as smooth. On the front was a small glass surface that Henry figured was a touch screen. Sticking out of the top was a small round device. “I think that’s a camera,” Henry said to himself.

Below the touch screen was a rectangular opening. It looked like a drawer, but it didn’t have a handle. Henry tried pushing and prying at it but he couldn’t get it to open.
“Ahhh, there it is. The power button,” Henry said, flipping the switch on the side. The screen lit up and a virtual “Get Started” button appeared. Henry pushed it and a grainy video started playing. The sound was as hard to hear as the video was to see. He stuck his face close to the screen.

“So you think you want to be a hero? Well, that is a noble desire. Be warned, however, that many have found that becoming a true hero is not at all what they expected. It can be scary and challenging and requires perseverance and commitment. Press here to continue…”

Henry didn’t know what “perseverance” meant, but he pressed the ‘continue’ button anyway. The screen went dark and the machine started to rumble and whirr. Henry stepped back. He thought maybe it was getting ready to explode. The screen blinked a few times and then went dark again. The noise started to fade.

Henry thought he heard a voice. It was soft and hard to make out. “Hello? Can you hear me? Hellllloooooo!” it said.

Henry wasn’t sure where the sound was coming from. It seemed like it was coming from the Hero Maker and yet it seemed separate. He looked around the room. He noticed a strange glow above him. There was an image shining up from machine on to the ceiling. Henry grabbed the round object on the top of the Hero Maker and rotated it down. The image followed.

“Wow!” Henry gasped, his mouth hanging open. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

What is this strange image? Where is the voice coming from? Will young Henry survive long enough to hit puberty?

Stay tuned...