The Nest

Mother bird sits in the nest
Up in the tree, she sits to rest

The cool wind blows upon the leaves
She lays her eggs, one, two, three

With cautious care she guards each one
Until the time, the time has come.

Cracking, opening, softly cheeping
Little mouths, that need feeding

She takes flight to gather food
Daily working for her brood

Each week growing, feathers showing
Stretching, calling, warm wind blowing

Crowding, moving, calling, singing
Spring has come, change it’s bringing

Today’s the day, the time’s at hand
One little bird takes his stand

And then he flies...

Down and down and round and round
Flittering, fluttering to the ground.

And then he flies...

Home to mother, home to nest
Home to others, home to rest

Growing bolder, getting stronger
Days and flights are getting longer

And then he flies...

Longer, higher does he soar
Faster, farther, more and more

And then he flies...
And then he flies…

Mother bird sits in the nest anew
Mother bird… and just two

Days are passing, moving slow
Always wondering, who can know

Hoping, sitting, waiting, singing
Wondering what tomorrow's bringing

And then he flies...
And then he flies...

Times of learning, longing, yearning
Lead back home, to his returning

Soaring, calling, getting near
Above the trees, he does appear

Up in the sky, they all unite
Mother, brood, in joyous flight

And then they fly...
And then they fly...