The Man

There was a Man from a far-off land
with a tender heart and a gentle hand.

And a great big house filled up with stuff
Great food and toys, always enough

He had lots of kids, and loved each one
They loved him too, thought he was fun

But as they grew, they moved away
Some near, some far, to their homes to stay

Sometimes they’d call or just stop by
To ask for help or talk or cry

But as time passed the calls decreased
He was confused to say the least

From his big house he’d stand and gaze
And there he’d wait for days and days

He wondered if they knew he cared
So many things he wished to share

And through the years in spite of pain
His love for them, it never waned

Well, that Man still waits, to this very day
For you and me, his children... to pray.

[I wrote this for my kids to help them understand that prayer is more than a Christian obligation, but instead communication with our loving Father, who wants to hear from us. I hope you enjoy it as well. ]