The Lord is My Shepherd

The six, poetic verses of Psalm 23 have given hope and encouragement to countless generations. Its author, David, the King of Israel, uses a simple but powerful word picture to communicate his perspective of what it's like to experience life on journey with God.

Recently, as part of a personal Bible study, I dug into this familiar text to see what I could find. Today, I thought I would share with you what I discovered.


Season’s ending,
Heart is aching

Memories rushing,
Hope is fading

Time is short,
See it slipping

Motherhood (A Dad’s Eye View)

Motherhood is easy
From all that I can see
Yes, Motherhood is easy
If you’re a dad, like me

Most days start out slowly
Not much for her to do
At least, until she’s out of bed
Then, there are a few


One Cold Morning

Johnny wiped his hand across the frosted window and peeked outside. He could barely see the barn through the blowing snow. The winter storm that had closed school yesterday was still raging on this morning.

“I’m going to have to make this quick!” he said to himself as he slipped on his jacket.

As Johnny made his way to the barn, the snow beat against his face and the wind cut right through his clothes, sending a deep chill straight to his bones. He turned his back toward the wind and tried to walk faster.