Motherhood (A Dad’s Eye View)

Motherhood is easy
From all that I can see
Yes, Motherhood is easy
If you’re a dad, like me

Most days start out slowly
Not much for her to do
At least, until she’s out of bed
Then, there are a few


Take a shower
Dry her hair
Search the house
for clothes to wear

Wake the kids
Pack the food
Hug the hubby
to fix his mood

Kick ‘em out the door
“Now, don’t be late!”
Waving, smiling
“Hope your day is great!”

Iron the skirt
And wash the cups
Make the bed
And feed the pups

Moving quickly
Feeling slow
Forget the makeup
Time to go

Off to school
In a dash
Off to work
To earn some cash

Teaching, helping
Daily grind
The work is hard
She doesn’t mind

Returning home
In a flurry
Evening’s coming
got to hurry

Fix the dinner
and if she’s lucky
No one complains
“That is yucky!”

Do the dishes
Kill a bug
Help with homework
Give a hug

Find the counter
Clean the floor
Turn around
And wait there’s more


Plan tomorrow
Make a list
Sign a paper
Give a kiss

Fold the laundry
dry their hair
Tuck ‘em in
Kneel for prayer

Nothing left
She gave her best
Into bed
Lay’s down to rest

You know… on second thought

Motherhood's not easy
The days are hard and long
No, Motherhood's not easy
I guess this dad was wrong.


Happy Mother's Day Jeannie!

Photo credit: Nick Kenrick via Flickr cc

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